Hey you!
This is the carrd for vucku.
I am a FFXIV Modder and Hobby 3D Artist! This card is used to gather all information, links, and as a portfolio for commission work.
Below are all relevant Locations where you can find me and my work! Just click the Icons to get redirected.

Commission Info & PortfolioFirstly thanks for considering to commission me! I do have a few things you should be aware of before you decide to do so.❥ By default all commissions are private, if you don't mind me releasing your commission after a privacy period we can talk about discounts.❥ Everything I create as a commission will be done from scratch, please don't ask me to create anything using other people's assets as a base! Because my assets are made from scratch I will determine in a case to case basis if I feel able to do your commission.❥ I will delete the mod on my end after payment is done.❥ I don't do waitlists anymore so I only have 1 open slot when I do take commissions.❥ When I pick up work on your commission I will text you via Discord to confirm all details and to discuss anything that may be on your or my mind about the commission. From there you have the choice to pay upfront and receive WIP Modpacks as I work on your commission or get WIP Pictures and a Modpack once Payment is made and I will adjust it as much as needed after you test

Commission Status: closed